Sunland Park Professional Fire Fighters Association

Open Letter Supporting HB 324

February 8, 2019

The Honorable Deborah A. Armstrong, Chairwoman
NM House Health and Human Services Committee
New Mexico State Capitol, Room 315
Santa Fe, NM 87501


Dear Madam Chair and Members of the Committee:

I am writing to register our support for HB 324, sponsored by yourself and Representative Melanie Stansbury, which would add PTSD and other mental health conditions to the list of health conditions presumed to have been caused during the course of duty as a professional fire fighter.

As you all very well know, PTSD amongst other mental health conditions, is plaguing our state’s fire fighters at an alarming rate. We count on our fire fighters to be there when we need them, and we ask the same of you.

Please support HB 324.

If you have any questions or require anything additional from us, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your support!


Joseph A Mayorga, Jr.
Sunland Park Professional Fire Fighter’s Association
IAFF Local 4737

CC: The Honorable Raymundo Lara, NM House of Representatives District 34

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L4737 is working to keep the elderly cool this summer. Many of Sunland Park's elderly do not have any form of air conditioning, which can be deadly in the hot, dry, and arid summer months of the southwestern U.S.

Our fire fighters are collecting both fans and monetary donations to purchase fans. For more information on how you can help, please contact Rigo Mejia at 915-202-1102, or email . Thanks for your help.

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L4737 to Participate in MDA Lock Up

Local 4737 is partnering with the Muscular Dystrophy Association in their annual Lock-Up fundraiser on May 5, 2016. Union members will be acting as Marshals, picking up "jail birds" and will be placing them in jail where they will have to be "bailed out" as part of the fundraiser.

L4737 members will be picking up "jail birds" from their homes and offices, in vehicles provided by Casa Ford of El Paso, and locking them up at Johnny Carinos of west El Paso to be bailed out.

INTERESTED IN BEING A MARSHAL, CONTACT VP Frank Diaz. Must be a member of L4737.

NOT A UNION MEMBER??? INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING??? Contact the MDA of El Paso at (915) 584-6399 for more info on how you can participate.

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2016 Executive Board Election Results

Here are the results for the Local 4737 Executive Board Elections held April 15, 2016.

Office of President - Joseph A. Mayorga, Jr. (Incumbent)
Office of Vice President - Francisco Diaz (Incumbent)
Office of Secretary & Treasurer - Jose Lozano

Newly elected officers will be sworn in, and will take office at the next regular business meeting in May. Officers will serve a one year term.
Congratulations to our new Executive Board members.

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!!ALERT!! E-mail from Dona Ana County Sheriffs Office Exposes Reduction of Services

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This is the Sunland Park Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF L4737 Response:

“It is the understanding of the Sunland Park Professional Fire Fighters Association that the petitioners pushing to dis-incorporate the City of Sunland Park have indicated in their petition to the county that they would like to retain the current fire and police services should the city dis-incorporate. They have recommended that the current employees of the fire department and police department be absorbed by the county. There has been no guarantee made to our organizations that any positions would be absorbed by the county should the dis-incorporation occur, nor has any guarantee been made that said services would remain entirely dedicated to this community. Although we cannot speak on behalf of Dona Ana County, it is our understanding that Dona Ana County has no intention of providing professional career fire and emergency services to the community of Sunland Park should it dis-incorporate. Should emergency services be absorbed, there is no guarantee that they would be solely dedicated to the Sunland Park/Santa Teresa community. Furthermore, it is our opinion that Dona Ana County Fire and Emergency Services as well as the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office are severely understaffed and not in a position to provide full time career fire and law enforcement services to the residents of the Sunland Park and Santa Teresa areas.”

Joseph Mayorga- President IAFF L4737

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Citizens Move to Dis-incorporate Sunland Park, Bad Idea

A recent movement has spurred to dis-incorporate the City of Sunland Park, New Mexico. Activists say that the reason for the movement is due to corrupt politicians, high taxes, and other reasons and comes after the arrests of three city councilors in less than a year over unrelated charges. A group of citizens filed a petition with the Dona Ana County Clerks Office this past Friday to begin the process. Movers will need a 25% vote from registered voters to begin the process of dissolving the city.

The Sunland Park Professional Fire Fighter's Association is adamantly against the movement stating that the decision could have drastic effects on the welfare and safety of the public residing and working in the city, which spans from Paisano to Borderland Rd.

Sunland Park's career fire fighters staff two full time fire stations protecting a population of over 15,000 people (U.S.C.B.) 24/7, 365 days a year. Fire department personnel respond to roughly 1700 emergency calls per year, ranging from medical emergencies, building and car fires, to hazardous materials incidents. Fire fighters also routinely conduct business inspections, safety talks with local school children, and public assistance calls.

If the City were to dissolve, the city's fire department and police department would be dissolved leaving citizens without emergency services. This could have drastic consequences for residents, especially the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions. Many citizens feel that by becoming part of the county, that their emergency services will improve. That holds completely false. Currently Sunland Park Fire Department has an average emergency response time of 7 minutes from time of dispatch to time of arrival on a scene. This time frame is minimal when compared against average response times of a volunteer fire department which would probably be assigned to cover Sunland Park. Many times Sunland Park Fire responds to our neighboring communities of Santa Teresa and La Union because their volunteers are unavailable to respond. Volunteer fire fighters are not mandated to staff fire stations, or meet certain requirements such as career fire fighters, and at times arrive with only a single member to incidents. Union President Joseph Mayorga is quoted as saying "We have a good working relationship with the Santa Teresa Volunteer Fire Department as well as the La Union Volunteer Fire Department. However a volunteer fire department is not a viable option when dealing with a community as big as Sunland Park, or with a population of over 15,000. Volunteer fire departments work for small rural communities with small populations, not for small, medium or large size cities."

As for the city's police department, it too would be disbanded and the citizens would be left to rely on the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office for law enforcement. Sheriff Enrique Vigil in recent press conferences has been quoted saying that the county does not have the resources to effectively manage the county. Adding Sunland Park to the county would only overtax the resources the Sheriff's Office has, lending to extended response times for deputies over 30 minutes.

In summary, Local 4737 completely understand the frustrations of our citizens. However, we do not feel that dissolving the city is the best answer. If citizens are discontent with their elected officials, they should work to remove them from office and elect officials capable of managing their positions properly. The decision to dissolve the City would have a detrimental effect on the Sunland Park/Santa Teresa community.


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Fire Fighters Work To Keep Kids Warm This Winter


Did you know that many children living in Sunland Park are living below the poverty line? This translates to a hard descicion for some families, wether to put food on the table or clothes on the backs of their children. This means that some children will go without a warm winter coat. So our fire fighters are trying to fill in where some parents might not be able to. Our Local is partnering with local elementary schools to issue a jacket to those kids who desperatly need a coat.


This year will be the first year our Local participates in Operation Warm. We've set our goal at 300 kids or 300 coats. This is where we need your help. See, each jacket costs $20. So, 300 jackets X $20 = $6,000. Without your help we'll be limited on how many kids we're able to keep warm this year. SO PLEASE HELP US REACH OUR GOAL.


Awesome! First, pat yourself on the back and realize what an awesome person you are, and know that we think you're awesome too. Next, we'll need to collect your donation. You can donate at, or by check. Please make checks payable to: IAFF Local 4737 Benevolence Fund. Please make sure to include Operation Warm on your memo line.

Please mail checks to:

IAFF Local 4737

P.O. Box 1102

Sunland Park, NM 88063

Thank you for helping your local fire fighters keep kids warm this winter!

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Fan Drive for the Elderly

Heat stroke or heat exhaustion is a common occurrence in this region of the country and is particularly dangerous for the elderly, the ill and small children. Regrettably, many elderly citizens of the city of Sunland Park survive through the summer months without any form of air conditioning in their homes. In an attempt to prevent cases of heat stroke among our elderly citizens this summer, the Sunland Park Professional Fire Fighters Assoc. - IAFF Local 4737, will be hosting an electric fan donation starting now and until further notice.

An online account has also been organized for monetary donations with the goal of raising $2,000.00 to purchase fans for 100 of our elderly citizens. Monetary donations can be made at…/sppffa-fan-drive-for-the-…/354984.

Donated fans can be taken to either one of our fire stations located at the addresses listed below. We ask that all fans be new or lightly used. If you or someone you know is in need of an electric fan please contact us by emailing us your/their information to or calling 915-202-1107. Thank you for helping our fire fighters help the elderly!!!

DONATE NOW…/sppffa-fan-drive-for-the-…/354984

SPFD Fire Station #1
1030 McNutt Rd.
Sunland Park, NM 88063
(575) 589-2302

SPFD Fire Station #2
5650 McNutt Rd.
Sunland Park, NM 88008
(575) 589-3620

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